A virtual IT department for your company

Our BizSecurIT package is a cost effective and powerful way to manage your network infrastructure. We start with a detailed analysis of every aspect of your company's network and computer systems. With our ongoing management process, productivity stays high and everything keeps running smoothly. By keeping constant control over your office hardware and software, there is little opportunity for any type of disaster to occur. This stands in sharp contrast to most other consulting companies who charge you every time something goes wrong. With BizSecurIT, the problems are solved before you even know they exist.

BizSecurIT Features

The BizSecurIT package offers unique features that you are unlikely to find anywhere else:

Dimension Logic Works, Inc. assigns a single, reliable point of contact for your company who will be able to assist you with practically every aspect of managing your computer network.

DLWI will analyze and complete a thorough review of your existing network and computer systems, including a detailed review of your site, observation of how end users access your network, security requirements, and interviews with key personnel to determine your ultimate needs and desires for your infrastructure.

Based on the information collected, DLWI will present your company with a detailed proposal of intended changes to your systems. This ensures that you understand the analysis and the required services, as well as DLWI's reasons for recommending them, without all the technical jargon.

DLWI will perform preemptive tasks to make sure that your systems are all running at optimum performance and security is tight. When you have a question or problem, your point of contact will be readily available to handle the issue.

A customized log file is maintained for your convenience so that at any time, you have a complete record of the managed care of your entire network and computer systems.

Dimension Logic Works - It's really that simple!

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