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We maintain close relationships with all of our clients and see to it that they get what they need and quickly. Here is a list of some of our clients. If you click on their name, you can read a little bit about how they benefit from our services.

Our Clients

Caroline Waggoner, Inc.   (View Site)
Estate Jewels, Appraisals, and More!

The Situation
Caroline Waggoner is a Graduate Gemologist specializing in Estate Jewels, Appraisals, Custom Designs, and Repairs. With a shop in Dallas, and clients all over the country, her business has grown over the years, yet the inability to easily display her inventory to her remote clients had been a problem for her.

The Challenge
Previously, Caroline has been overnighting photos of her inventory to prospective customers. Not only was this tedious and time-consuming, but expensive as well. She needed a website that she could post her inventory on and give customers a way to see what they were buying, and she needed it to be user-friendly enough for it to be easy to make the updates herself as needed.

The Response
Dimension provided Caroline with a database-driven website that effectively solved this problems. First, we designed a brand new website for her complete with an easy-to-use "admin" utility allowing full control of the inventory listings. This allowed Caroline to make updates in-house without needing any web design or programming knowledge. Her clients are always treated to the most up to date listings, and the site has also opened up an entirely new market for Caroline as she now gets traffic from major search engines.

Their office computer systems underwent a massive hardware upgrade. A network was installed and email addresses were issued to all employees. A document scanner was installed enabling them to quickly publish high quality content to their website.

A backup system was implemented for their office as well as their website. Monitoring of computer systems for security issues was initiated. These upgrades were designed to make Matise's computer systems more scalable, efficient, and stable. Because of this, Dimension will remain a core component of Matise for the forseeable future.

The Technology

  • Linux server running Apache with Tomcat and MySQL backend
  • Digital Camera with One-Touch file transfer
  • Multiple tier backups including tape, zip drive, and Internet
  • Three levels of Internet connection redundancy
  • Big Brother system monitoring and uptime statistics
  • Webtrends site access statistics reporting

  • Dimension Logic Works - It's really that simple!

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