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We maintain close relationships with all of our clients and see to it that they get what they need and quickly. Here is a list of some of our clients. If you click on their name, you can read a little bit about how they benefit from our services.

Our Clients

Empower Your Future
Nonprofit Organization Seeks to Help Children

The Situation
The Empower Your Future program targets children in schools that draw a significant portion of their students from mid to low income families; children from social and economic environments that lack a consistent message of success through individual empowerment. Empower's signature is that during the presentation, the children in the audience are given the opportunity to ride motorcycles in a controlled environment.

The Challenge
Empower wanted a way to increase exposure to their program, as well as to make more of a lasting impression on the program's past participants. By leveraging the wide exposure achievable with a website, they would be able to accomplish these goals and more.

The Response
Dimension created a database backed dynamically generated website for Empower. A special "admin" utility was also created to allow Empower's non-technical staff to have full customization of their online content, including the ability to place photos taken during each presentation. The staff received personal email addresses, making them more available to new schools, as well as businesses and philanthropists wishing to contribute.

The Technology

  • Linux Apache server
  • Tomcat JSP engine
  • MySQL database backend server
  • Daily backups

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