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Our Clients

The Need-a-Job Network   (View Site)
Using the Internet to Connect Headhunters and Job Seekers

The Situation
In today's employment environment, competitive pressures run head on into a need for employers to concentrate their resources on finding only the best people for the job. While recruiting agencies (headhunters) have been working in this area for years, their ability to bring the most appropriate job candidate into a particular position depends greatly on having a comprehensive, searchable list of available jobs and candidates.

The Challenge
The Need-a-Job Network is a startup geared towards filling that gap. Having formed alliances with many leading recruting agencies, they are in a unique position to supply the most up-to-date job listings with a valuable database of job candidates' personal information. The challenge undertaken by Dimension was to find the most efficient way to gather new data by opening this existing data up to the power of the Internet.

The Response
Need-a-Job's biggest strength is its willingness to think outside of the box in an evolving marketplace. Need-a-Job had already taken steps towards having an organized and systematic way of collecting and storing the data on computer systems. Dimension used their experience with database design and Internet programming to turn their vision for a seamless, 100% data-driven network into a reality. Need-a-Job's website now allows job candidates to search from the available job listings, as well as make their own personal information available to recruiters. The site also allows recruiters to have real-time data on potential job candidates.

The Technology

  • Linux Apache server
  • Jakarta Tomcat JSP
  • MySQL database server
  • Database redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • Big Brother site monitoring
  • 3-way Internet connection redundancy

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