"Everything is working so well!"

... and we aim to keep it that way. Most "consultants" charge an hourly rate whenever something goes wrong. No doubt many of you have wondered what that consultant's incentive is to keep your network running reliably. After all, each time it breaks, he makes more money. This is exactly why our BizSecurIT service is so valuable. Rather than billing you every time something goes awry, we charge a flat, monthly rate for the managed care of your network. If your network experiences trouble, or if any unplanned situations arise, there are no extra fees to quickly correct the situation and get your business back on track.

Ensuring Reliability in your Network

Any business wishing to succeed in today's world must have a reliable computer system as its backbone. Most businesses, realizing this, have made significant investments in their computer infrastructure. Unfortunately, many businesses have made the mistake of assuming that these expensive networks and computer systems will be able to maintain themselves.

Under ideal situations, computers will function as they are supposed to. However, most office environments are NOT ideal. Any computer exposed to the Internet is a potential target for hackers. Every day, new ways of breaking into networks via vulnerable computers are discovered. In most cases, all it takes is ONE computer to be hacked, and every computer on your network can be reached.

A managed solution will fix this problem. By maintaining a close watch on your network, DLWI is able to detect most potential problems before they become serious. A managed solution aims to prevent problems before they occur. The approach is similar to seeing a physician for a physical, rather than waiting to find out a potentially small problem has become serious.

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